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Mills Woman at VA Tech

I work on the campus of Virginia Tech, and while driving to my building on Monday, an ambulance drove past me around 7:40 a.m. I parked in one of my usual spots and walked to work.

By then, two people had passed on, one young man and a young woman who I believe was in the ambulance I passed. Hours later, after my building was released from lockdown, we were told to go directly to our cars and directly off campus. I could feel the soulessness as I walked to my car. I drove through an armed checkpoint on my way off campus.

I see all the information on the Web and wish I could wipe the words off the screen. Now I want sense and meaning in what happened. I am asking the community at Mills, right now, to look at each other with a hi and locked eyes, acknowledge each other, acknowledge the moment, right now, that you are reading this. This is a be “jolly, but be wary” world. I would not ask you to lose some sense of your youth, but instead, use it well, wisely, and more.

Jenny L. Mills
Class of 1991