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Mills Student is Going to Nationals

Lisa Johansen

By Lillian Petersen


After making waves at the past couple of swim meets, Chrissy Fisher, a freshwoman, has the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Competition to look forward to in the spring, and several other swimmers are just an instant away from qualifying.

Freshwoman Erin Lucas and sophomores Alexi Ueltzen and Sophia Tuttle are all part of a 200 meter relay team that hopes to accompany Fisher to the national meet in St. Louis, Missouri in early March. The girls’ time was just .35 seconds away from the time required to qualify for nationals at their meet on Saturday.

“It’s exciting to think about representing our team on a national level,” said Ueltzen. “It’s really cool, because this is the first time Mills has had a relay team that’s close to the time that Nationals require.”

Having already qualified for Nationals in the 100-meter breaststroke before the meet this past weekend, Fisher has now qualified for the 50-meter freestyle race and the 200-meter breaststroke, as well. This is Fisher’s first year at Mills, and she says that one of the highlights of her time here thus far has been being a part of the swim team.

Having been a swimmer for nine years prior to college, Fisher swam for Davis High School, as well as club teams.

“Athletics are a great way to meet new people and get a break from your regular schedule,” said Fisher. “I would definitely recommend athletics at Mills.” All of the girls said that the swim team has been inspiring and close-knit.

“There are people on the team who have never even been in the water and we all help each other learn new strokes,” said Fisher.

“I like swimming with Chrissy, because she pushes me to swim faster,” said Lucas, who is part of the relay team that will most likely go to Nationals.

At their meet at the Trefethen Aquatic Center on Saturday, swimmers showed their support for each other. All the girls would stand at the end of the lanes and cheer their hearts out for one another.

“We were out there for personal bests and to have fun…which we did,” said Ueltzen. “We had a blast!”

Coach Neil Virtue and Assistant Coach Bridgette Mansell are doing a fantastic job, according to team members. “The turnout was higher than it ever has been,” said Ueltzen. “Neil and Bridgette make the team what it is.”