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Mills Reacts: Students Mourn

It’s been a week and two days since the terrorist attacks on the United States, though to much of the college community, it has seemed like a lifetime. Now that the college has resumed a more normal schedule, students, faculty, and staff are picking up where they left off, while still trying to understand the repercussions of the tragedy.

“I think we’ve reacted pretty well,” said sophomore Alix Holsten. “I’ve appreciated the support of the college, the understanding of my professors, and that everyone’s aware that everyone’s situations and reactions are unique.”

Many students are concerned for the welfare of Arab Americans, and have been organizing for local and international peace.

“I think the Mills community has been very good to me,” said junior Maleeha Tapal, a Muslim student from Karachi, Pakistan. “I have in no way felt uncomfortable or discriminated against so far.”

“I think it is very right for America to ask for justice, but I hope they do not ask for revenge,” said Tapal.

Many students have voiced similar concerns about the way the United States has responded politically to the attacks.

“I hate this nationalism,” said graduate student Javier Archinegas, originally from Botoga, Colombia. “That kind of position only brings more conflict. There should be much more care and caution taking steps. Any retaliation is an offense in itself. People are talking about war; I feel it is a terrible thing to have war anywhere.”

Both Archinegas and Tapal have had first hand experience with living with violence.

“I’ve grown up in a city where bombs have gone off and buildings have been destroyed due to acts of terrorism. I can understand the confusion, the frustration, the anger of the American people, but for the first time they can understand the pain that people all over the world go through almost day because of terrorism,” said Tapal.