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MeasuresTaken After Prospect Theft

After a meeting was held to discuss the safety concerns that arose after a burglar broke into a Prospect Hills apartment, Public Safety and the Office of Student Life have taken action to allay students concerns.

Wooden dowels have been placed in all windowsills and locks have been put on the window-screens of each first floor apartments.  In addition, there have been continued follow-ups with the students and the Office of Student Life is actively seeking a Prospect Hill house manager, who would serve as an on-site resource for the residents as well as a liaision for the Office of Student Life.

Marisa Aurora, Student Life Coordinator, said her primary concern is to building a very strong bond with Public Safety.

"The bigger picture is to get service available to the studetns and the only way that can happen is with the departments working together to benefit the student," Aurora said.

Ezra Tubig, one of the students whose apartment was broken into, said that the residents feel better because action has been taken to ensure their safety.  She's also noted a stronger Public Safety presence around the Prospect Hill apartments.

The burglary took place on Oct. 28, when someone climbed through the window of a first-floor apartment and stole a laptop, a wallet and two video cameras.