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Maria de Troije Johnson stays active on team despite injury rendering her unable to play

Mills College Weekly

Senior Maria de Troije Johnson has spent most of this season
unable to play because of an injury, but has remained a supportive
member of the Mills volleyball team, said the volleyball coach.

Johnson played on the team for four years, but injured her right
wrist during her second season on the team. Her wrist never fully
healed, and this season it made it so she could not play.

On the court, Johnson has a really “mean” serve and is a smart
offensive player, said coach Marla Mundis, “She mixes it up and is
a famous tipper.” Mundis said that most players want to hit hard
all the time, but Johnson both hits and tips the ball, a strategy
that the other team rarely picks up on.

Over the past four years, Johnson has matured into a diplomatic
individual who helps problem solve for the team, said Mundis, who
described Johnson as very mischievous and playful.

Johnson said that she will miss the team, traveling to games
with them and talking with them in the vans. “You can’t miss games.
They are just games,” she said.

When the team traveled this season, Johnson was usually the one
who found restaurants for the team to eat at, said Mundis, “She is
always doing stuff extra to help the team out.”

“I think that this year the team really bonded,” said Johnson,
“we will be friends for a long time and will stay in touch even
though some of us are leaving.”

What she liked most about being on the team, Johnson said, was
being athletic, being healthy and being part of a team.

But she said it was a struggle getting used to what was expected
of the players at practice, during games and meeting those

Johnson said that she has been playing volleyball for ten years
and after she graduates, she will continue to play for fun.