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Male grad students intrude on female experience

It seems necessary to inform graduate student Marc Jensen of the
reality of Mills College.

Mills College is an all-women’s college located in Oakland,

Instead of going co-ed in 1990, Mills has instead decided to
slowly increase the percentage of male grad students.

You thought we’d never notice, didn’t you?

Well, Jensen should consider himself admitted on the scholarship
of financial problems limiting Mills from being the nearly
all-women’s haven that it was before grad population was used as a
financial tool.

Women at Mills understand that graduate schools legally must be
co-ed, but when that population is increased to the point where we
have men in our dorms, dining commons, and classes to the extent
that we no longer feel like we’re at a women’s college, something
is wrong.

We also understand that Mills is in financial need, but
increasing male presence on campus is not the way to save a
cherished women’s institution.

Unfortunately, now a man can come in and mysteriously be
“oppressed” as a man (a talent anywhere, I assure you), and whine
about it in my college paper.

Marc Jensen, you’re not special because you’re oppressed, just
like you’re not special for being a man on a women’s college
campus. If you would like to really become active in the “equality”
that you so obviously know about (since you preach about it), let
women have their own space.

It may come as a shock to said grad students that our space
doesn’t have to do with them, it has to do without them.

Unfortunately, going to Mills doesn’t make you a feminist, it
makes you an invader. Please leave.


Jess Scott, Sophomore