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Male grad forum

In response to the recent battle of the sexes that has erupted
at Mills the Office of Student Life and the Department of Graduate
Studies will sponsor a student discussion, Monday Nov. 24 at 7:00
p.m. in the Student Union entitled, “Men and Women at Mills:
Beginning a Conversation.”

The discussion was prompted by several opinion pieces submitted
to The Weekly regarding the male graduate students role in
the Mills community. The discussion of how administration plans to
deal with the perceived increased presence of male graduate
students escalated to a point where one male student felt it
necessary to take action.

He called two meetings, both of which were canceled, to give
male graduate students an opportunity to discuss the feeling of
discrimination that some were experiencing.

However, the Office of Student Life and the Department of
Graduate Studies were planning to begin a series of panel
discussions prior to the unexpected discrepancy between male and
female students. Due to the recent student concerns, the Office of
Student Life and the Department of Graduate Studies have combined
their efforts with students to deal with the recent conflict. The
discussion will be co-facilitated by director of student activities
and alumna Liza Kuney and director of Upward Bound and alum Romeo

Acting dean of students Shirley Weishaar said that this
discussion will help both departments to better access the needs of
the students in this area and may help them shape future panels and
discussions on the topic.

Weishaar explained that men have been attending Mills for at
least 40 years and make up only 10 percent of the student
population. She said, “This conflict is unfortunate” but she feels
that through the upcoming program and those that follow, “there
will be a greater understanding and appreciation for our

Kuney also believes that this meeting will be good way to gage
the magnitude of the issue although she feels that, “the silent
majority is happy with having male graduate students on campus and
appreciate co-ed options.”

Furthermore she said, “for a male student to come to Mills he’s
already got to be pretty cool, so why not make him an ally?”

“Bring an open mind, open ears and a clear voice,” said