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Limited classes are frustrating

Another spring semester nears an end and students hustle and bustle around campus carrying green sheets frantically signing up for next semester. And once again, classes being offered seem less than desirable. There are definitely interesting courses but these are overshadowed by the fact that there aren’t enough to chose from.

Although Mills has faced a very difficult and emotional year with the complete elimination of the drama department and the cuts to modern languages department, it doesn’t make sense for the school to offer limited classes in the remaining “healthy” departments.

Students are having difficulty taking more than one class for their major because many of them are offered at the same time.

Art classes, for example, are only being offered during two time slots. This set-up makes it impossible for students to take more than one class for their major.

Because many classes are only offered once a year or every other year, transfer students and seniors often miss the opportunity to take them.

Classes from each department are clustered together further limiting options for commuters and nigh-time students.

Students have the average of only eight classes to choose in each department. It is as if the school encourages us to take classes off campus in order to fulfill requirements. What’s more frustrating is that Education, a relatively specialized department, has a full page of classes listed. Not to discredit Education, but this is unbalanced; it appears as if all other departments receive the short end of the stick.

Limited options also lead to increased class size and force graduates and undergraduates to compete for spots.

To compensate for the lack of classes, it would be nice if administration would provide an explanation to the student body for the limited choices and conflicting schedules of classes.