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Knox brings experience to Office of Residential Life

Amanda Berkson-Brand

The Division of Student Life welcomed Ramon Knox as Interim Director of Residential Life after Colette Reid stepped down from the position on Feb. 1.

Knox arrived on campus on Jan. 14 for a two-week training session, in which he worked closely with Reid in order to learn the ropes. Knox knew Reid even before coming to Mills.

Reid said she felt that it was time to move on to other pursuits after only six months at Mills, but she was grateful for the time she did get to spend at the College.

“[It’s] better to be here for a short time than not at all,” Reid said at a Feb. 1 reception in her honor.

Knox joined the Mills team after leaving Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MI, where he was the director of Campus Activities and Orientation and the supervisor of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Questioning Support.
His resume lists jobs at multiple higher education institutions as well, including positions at Missouri State University, Cornell University and Ball State. He also worked at Macalester College, where he met Dean Joi Lewis.

Only two weeks after moving his life from Minnesota to the West Coast, Knox says he is happy to be at Mills. “I really enjoy it [here],” Knox said. “I have a lot of great colleagues, and the students are really good.”

The experience of working at a women’s college is a new one for Knox. However, he has two sisters and multiple nieces and said that the empowerment of women has already been important to him, even before he considered Mills.

“It’s not just about educating women and having a space for those women to come together, but about empowering women,” he said.

He commends President Janet Holmgren’s commitment to doing just that.
Knox described the Mills women he has met as “committed” and “invested,” and said he is excited to be a part of the changes that they are making happen.

“It’s really impressive to see how folks are able to manage changing the world,” he said.

Students working in the Office of Residential Life are optimistic about this staffing change, and look forward to seeing where Knox’s leadership will take them.

“I feel it’s going to be a little bit busier because he’s new and he’s got new ideas,” said sophomore Christy McGough, who is an office assistant in the department.

“It’s going to be an adventure.”
Senior Emma Gallardo, another office assistant, agreed. “I’m excited to get to know this new director, and I’m looking forward to the new projects and changes that are going to occur in the office,” she said.

Knox is also eager to find out what will come of the new semester. He knows he is in for a very big challenge.

“It’s not going to be a cakewalk,” he said.

He said that he is ready to continue making a difference in a profession where colleagues are like family, and every person counts.

“I know with the commitment of Dean Lewis and the president, and my staff, we’ll be able to continue the great work of people before me,” he said.

Knox is contracted for a year and a half, but he hopes to eventually secure a permanent position at Mills College.

Ramon Knox can be reached at his campus extension # 3184, or by e-mail at