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Hybrid-only parking comes to Mills campus

Amanda Berkson-Brand

New hybrid vehicle-only parking spaces are now available in the New Science Building faculty lot. This is just one of many new parking allotments Public Safety has set up this year.

Between November and December of 2007, three spaces were reserved for hybrid vehicles 24 hours a day. According to, hybrid fuel vehicles run on electric and gas power which allows them to get up to 60 miles per gallon.

For some, hybrid spots are an environmentally friendly option.

“It was the final phase of our LEED Platinum Certification,” said Niviece Robinson, assistant director of Public Safety. “Eventually, it will get us ready to have spaces and hook-ups for electric cars.”

Some people in the Mills community think hybrid-only parking is an unnecessary constraint on already sparse parking.
The New Science Building parking lot is faculty-only until 1 p.m. and then opens for commuter students.

Also, construction for the new MBA building along Kapiolani Road has displaced drivers who live in Warren Olney and Orchard Meadow residence halls.

“It just seems unfair,” said Junior Kelsey Coil. “The parking is so tough right now, and now just because I don’t have a certain kind of car, it’s even tougher.”

Recycling manager Britta Bullard disagrees with Coil. “I think anything the [College] can do to encourage the campus to live more sustainably is a great thing. I mean, how many parking spaces are there on campus and how many are for hybrid cars?”

The green and white hybrid-only signs are not the only new signs. “Reserved Parking” signs are in the Tea Shop and Haas Pavilion parking lots. Residential and commuter parking spaces also shifted due to construction.

Penalties for non-hybrid vehicles parked in the designated spaces as well as parking in the new reserved spaces are $20 tickets. This fine is the standard fee for parking in the incorrect lot on campus.

“Compared to other campus’ [fines], that’s not a lot,” Robinson said.

Bullard remains optimistic about the new hybrid spaces. She encourages others in the Mills community to “think about the bigger picture,” instead of the “daily frustration.”

For more information about reserved parking, contact Public Safety at x2128 or visit Sage Hall, room 138.