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Holistic Healing series


Holistic Healing can be an intimidating phrase, but it is actually quite simple. Holistic Healing is a natural way to heal the body. A few important factors behind Holistic Healing are: nutrition, stress relief, exercise, adequate amounts of sleep, avoiding unhealthy or toxic substances, healthy relationships and spiritual healing.

For college students who cannot easily access a doctor’s office or may not have the time or money to get or fill a prescription, there are a few holistic remedies that one can do at home. The common cold, cramps, and earache are some of the most recurring illnesses a Mills College student may face.

ABC news,, and supplied some of the best holistic remedies.

The Cold:

Some prevention techniques are to wash your hands regularly, prevent stress, drink lots of water, eat fresh and colorful foods, take vitamin C when you first feel signs of a cold, and use a Chinese remedy supplement that contains astragalus, said to boost one’s immune system.

When it comes to treatment, it is best to react as soon as you feel the onset of a cold because the virus grows the most during the first 48 hours. The way to do this is by drinking lots of green tea because of its antiviral and antibacterial factors, drinking orange juice to get the extra vitamin C in your body, and eating soup; the mushrooms in miso soup are said to strengthen your immune system, making it a better soup option. In addition, keeping Zinc lozenges on hand for the first two or three days will help boost your immunity.


Ginger is a well-known remedy for cramps. You can either swallow a teaspoon of ginger and drink a glassful of water or you can boil the same amount of ginger in water and drink it once it has cooled. If you have a heavy flow you can cook a banana flower and eat it with curd, which will help your flow decrease; this treatment also helps with painful cramps. Exercise is another way to relieve cramps. Yoga, running, walking and aerobics are great and easy ways to work through that potentially painful time each month.


If an earache is your ailment, the remedy is simple. Find a hairdryer and put it on its medium setting and focus it on your ear. The warmth of the air will sooth your ear. Also, puncturing a fresh clove of garlic and letting the liquid fall into your ear will help relieve pain because garlic is a natural antibiotic.

For something as simple as heating up some tea and eating soup, Holistic Healing isoften not a widely used or known technique.

As for Mills women who may not know about Holistic Healing, there are numerous offices and shops with information and products in Oakland and the surr-ounding areas.

The techniques listed above can help you live a healthy life and will help build your immune system no matter what your body may be going through. So next time you feel a cold coming on or you think you’re going to have to miss that P.E. class because of your cramps just look to Holistic Healing for some simple remedies to your common illnesses.