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Health Fair Offers Lunch, Massage and Free Condoms

Mills College Weekly

While eating lunch at Toyon Meadow, students had the opportunity
to shop around for health information and volunteer opportunities
at the Health and Community Service Fair on Wednesday Oct. 6.

The difference between this fair from those two years ago is
that they now hold the Community Service fair as well.

“We thought it would be a good idea to combine the Community
Link Program, with the Health Fair” said Health Program Director
Cynthia Turner.

Combining the two events resulted in about 50 different
organizations coming together.

Among the volunteer programs present, there was the American
Lung Association, public schools in Oakland, and the East Oakland
Community Center and High School for Community Empowerment.

There was a voter registration booth, sex education booths that
gave out condoms, drug abuse information and ways to stop

The benefit of the fair which Mills has held annually for about
15 years is that students had the opportunity to ask health
questions candidly, and get as much information as they need.

“What I liked the most is that I went to Choice USA, they had a
lot of information I wanted, and the free samples are great,” said
freshwoman Karla C. Flores.

Not only were students able to get health information, but some
even got a massage.

“I liked the massage I got from Marla Mundis, I wasn’t expecting
it,” said sophomore Marcela Diaz.

Some students were even surprised about some of the programs
within the Mills community. “I didn’t know there was a chapel on
campus, and I also talked to a representative from See Jane Run, a
woman’s sport store.

“She gave me advice in what type of shoes to buy,” said junior
Robin Gibson.

“The fair was really helpful, I didn’t know about health
insurance, because I’m an exchange student,” said Mae Won, here on
a one year program.

Health insurance is something that affects everyone and at the
fair there was an opportunity to talk to someone about the health
benefits that you might already have, according to Won.

The most important thing we want students to gain is “to take
care of their health, because if they stay healthy they’ll have a
higher chance to perform well academically,” said Turner.

“It’s important to expose Mills to health options, samples,
sexual prevention, and to have students realize that all students
can use the Tang Center,” she said.

“The fair was a joint effort among OSL staff. Themy Adachi and I
were co-chairs,” said Turner.

Representatives from Public Safety and food service, as well as
students helped this day come together. By working together among
different departments, the fair drew many member of the Mills