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Hall’s namesake still haunts

Ethel Moore hall has the typical elements of a haunted place.
The residence hall, which is home to returning students, has long
hallways that are dimly lit, old-fashioned furniture, odd twists
and turns, creaking staircases, and stories of ghost sightings
throughout the years.

The building, built in 1926, is said to be haunted by the hall’s
namesake, Ethel Moore. Moore, a graduate of Vassar College and
former trustee at Mills for whom the hall is named, is rumored to
haunt primarily in the library of Ethel Moore and move objects and
turn the pages of books.

Junior Abby King, a resident of Ethel Moore, said that when she
first arrived, she was struck by the appearance of the dorm. “It
sure looks haunted,” said King, who has not yet observed any
supernatural activity in the hall.

Another popular story, according to the artsfusion Web site, is
that of a student, who on first glance is not a remarkable sight,
but who after one has seen her, appears to have stepped out of
history. Students who have reportedly seen this student, say that
her clothes look dated and when they turned back to take another
look, she had disappeared.

“I believe that ghosts exist, but they only show themselves to
people who want to see,” said senior Sarah McCoy, who lives in
Ethel Moore. “Seeing a ghost would be too scary for me.”

Some residents of the hall have not seen anything unusual, but
are open to putting aside their fears if they did encounter a

“I’d want to talk to it and see if it would answer me,” said
sophomore Shanelle Woodard. “I’d try to start a friendship with