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Ghost Walk

Sinister whispers from the shadows, books that flutter open for
no reason, bizarre electrical quirks, and the watchful spirit of
Susan Mills infusing the campus; yes, it’s a veritable clambake of
the undead at Mills, and this year the sophomore class is inviting
you along for the ride.

Just in time for Halloween, sophomores have come together to
organize a ghost tour. The event offers a revealing nighttime trek
through all the favorite haunts at Mills, and just one more reason
not to be caught on campus late at night.

In the past, the sophomore class offered the tour as a surprise
initiation ritual for freshwomen. Students would creep into the
dorms in the middle of the night, dragging chains through the halls
and making spooky noises to stir the new Mills women from their
rooms. Then, the “ghosts” would gather the sleepy women in the
recreation room, prompting them to sing the Mills song or other
such embarrassing acts in an effort to bond the new girls to their
school and classmates.

This year, however, the sophomores have a tamer and more
financially savvy plan in mind. With a small donation, students,
alumnae, faculty, and anyone else who enjoys tiptoeing around
headstones late at night, are welcome to come along for the tour. A
soothing cup of hot cocoa is promised afterward, provided, of
course, that guests make it through unscathed. Proceeds will be
used towards preparing other events, including the adoption of a
local charity.

In planning the route, sophomore and chairwoman of the project
Leah Albin has left little room for relief. Nearly every building
on campus hides a haunted past, from each of the dorms, to the
library, Lisser Theatre, and of course, the cemetery. Albin spent a
month researching the shadowy past of Mills for the tour, compiling
tales of the weird and wily from students, alumnae, and

Self-described as someone who “scares easily,” Albin admits that
her involvement in all things spooky has become slightly
distracting. “I couldn’t work on this at night,” she said,
referring to her long list of ghost stories. “I had to get it done,
but I had to wait until the morning before I could finish.” While
she has yet to be visited by a ghost, Albin has tried to work
diligently on the project, in order to “keep the angry ones

In general, nerves have been a little raw among the sophomore
class officers these days. Co-presidents Laura Arbios and Daisy
Gonzales both admit to being slightly spooked by the project. “I
hate to admit, I have been more worried,” said Arbios. “I notice
sounds a little more now, and I’m not so sure it was just the wind
or something.” Vice president Alma Alvarado is more excited about
the idea of meeting the otherworldly at Mills, “I’m not really
scared, I think it is possible to get in touch with spirits.”
Treasurer Gemma Ornelas offers a more hardened perspective on the
experience. “I definitely do believe in ghosts, from personal
experience,” she says, referring to a series of creepy events in
her dorm. “I’ve been dealing with a pretty aggressive ghost this
year. I’m already haunted, so I’m not too worried anymore.”

The Mills Ghost Tour will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 29. The
cost is $2.00 for students, and $4.00 for adults. Children will be
admitted for free.