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First in a series gives guide to city’s best bakeries

Brenna Smith

Got a sweet tooth? Or love the taste of freshly baked bread? This is the first column looking at some of the great bakeries that Oakland has to offer.

La Farine

3411 Fruitvale Ave., Oakland, in the Dimond District, across the street from Farmer Joe’s.

They make cakes, tarts, bread, pastries and 16 types of cookies. Their Rolled Wheat bread is buttery and light – the perfect addition to any meal. You can really taste the freshness in everything La Farine makes. The staff’s’s extra friendly service adds to the cozy feeling of the small bakery.

Seating: Inside

Go here for: Bread, cookies

Must try: Lemon Oatmeal Cookie, Croissant

Arizmendi Bakery

3165 Lakeshore Ave., Oakland, right off the 57 bus line.

This worker-owned cooperative sells pastries, bread and gourmet pizza. It will feature wheat-free dough and chocolate-covered coconut macaroons available for Passover, beginning April 7. They sell one kind of pizza a day, available by the slice and by the pan, and it’s always vegetarian. They have a creative variety of cookies, while their classic chocolate chip cookie is also perfectly satisfying. With windows covered in community flyers from Lost Dog to advertising concerts and shows, Arizmendi has a real community feel. 25 cent coffee refills are another plus.

Seating: Outside and Inside

Go here for: Pizza, cookies, coffee

Must try: Spicy Chocolate Shortbread with Pumpkin Seeds, Peanut Butter Cookie with Chocolate Chips

Market Hall Bakery

5655 College Ave., Rockridge, located right by the Mills Shuttle stop.

The Market Hall complex offers a wide variety of gourmet foods. The Bakery, which is connected to Peaberry’s Coffee & Tea, offers a large selection of pastries, cookies and other treats to choose from. Market Hall Bakery is more expensive than La Farine or Arizmendi. The Cappuccino Thins are especially delicious and gowell with a Scottish Breakfast Tea from Peaberry’s.

Seating: Outside

Go here for: Cupcakes, cakes

Must try: Red Velvet Cupcake, Olive Focacia