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Election Results

President of the United States-

Bush leading


US Senate-

Barbara Boxer (D) 59%


US House-

Barbara Lee (D) 83.5%


State Senate-

Don Perata (D) 75.2%


State Assembly-

Wilma Chan (D) 87.5%


State Propositions:

Prop 1A- Yes 83.7%

local revenue protection


Prop 59- Yes 83.1%

open records


Prop 60-Yes 67.2%

party primary


Prop 60A-Yes 73.4%

surplus property sales


Prop 61- Yes 57.5%

bonds for Children’s Hospital


Prop 62- No 54%

open primary


Prop 63-Yes 53.7%

tax for mental health funding


Prop 64-Yes 58.6%

unfair business limits


Prop 65-No 62.3%

local revenue protection


Prop 66-No 52.8%

three strikes


Prop 67-No 71.6%

emergency medical services


Prop 68-No 83.8%

expand casinos beyond tribes


Prop 69- Yes 62.2%

felon DNA database


Prop 70- No 73.2%

tribal casinos for tax money


Prop 71-Yes 59%

stem cell research


Prop 72- No 51%

employer health insurance


Local Measures:

Measure Y- Yes 69.8%


Measure Z- Yes 64.3%


Measure BB- Yes 71.7%


Measure CC- Yes 67.8%