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Edwards gathers speed

Mills College Weekly

After a slow start, Democratic presidential candidate John
Edwards gained momentum and now holds second place in the race.

At the end of the January primaries, Edwards was in third place,
but is now in second with an approximate eight percent gap between
him and front-runner John Kerry.

“I think John Edwards has good policies for the average American
person because he was raised by a working class family,” said Maya
Menezes, sophomore. “He is a polar opposite to Bush.”

In his first term as a Senator from North Carolina, Edwards said
that he is committed to women’s issues, fixing the economy and new
homeland security to stop terrorists before the act.

A supporter of Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose Edwards
said at a NARAL event in 2003, that he will “help lead a fight to
pass a federal freedom of choice act so that [a woman’s] right to
choose is guaranteed and protected no matter what the court

“[Edwards] has good plans for bringing jobs back to America by
changing current policies that encourage companies to go overseas,”
said Menezes.

“We will never turn this country around until we put our economy
and our government back in line with our values…My ideas are
based on principles as old as America,” said Edwards.

According to his campaign web site, his plan for homeland
security includes tracking terrorist activity, analyzing it and
getting the information to the right people to stop the terrorists
before they act.

“I like his commitment to education. Being an education graduate
student, that is important to,” said Sarah Storey, graduate
student. “I also like his aggressive plan for health care for every

Many people, including Kerry, criticize Edwards for his lack of
experience, others for having not made any major legislative
accomplishments while in the Senate.