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Educational choices showcased

Reg Fest, an event designed to educate undergraduate students about the various majors, minors and special topics courses available, went off without a hitch under sunny skies Wednesday, Oct. 29 on Toyon meadow.

Although this Reg Fest is the first in several years, according to Vice Provost Andy Workman, the College had done “something similar years ago.”

Turnout seemed light, especially during the beginning of the event. Tables were empty until 11:00 a.m. and the students did not begin to meander along the path through Toyon Meadow until closer to noon.

Yet Mandy Benson, assistant director of Student Activities, was pleased with the turnout.

“I thought Reg Fest 2008 was a great success! Student turnout was great. One person told me the turnout was the best they had ever seen at a Toyon Meadow event!” she wrote in an e-mail.

The event had two purposes, according to Workman. One was to “help people choose majors,” and the other was “to educate students about the special topics courses.”

Workman said that many students were unaware of special topics courses offered in the various academic departments and Reg Fest was a good way to advertise them.

Benson believed this goal was accomplished.

“Several students told me that it was really helpful and they want us to do it again. On Facebook that day, two students posted that they had declared a major!”

Benson also benefitted from Reg Fest.

“I know it helped me. I have decided to take an art class (Intro to Drawing) spring semester!” she wrote.

“I think [this event] is important especially to people who don’t have their majors picked out,” said English Department Head Cynthia Scheinberg, who was out representing her department.

Samantha Chicca, a sophomore, did not attend the event but thought it would have been helpful.

“I’m really happy regardless that Mills has a program like this one,” she said.

Another Reg Fest will take place next semester on April 1, according to Benson.