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Dive-In meets with positive student reaction

Echoing about the pool water of the Trefethen Aquatic Center were the bustlings of friends chatting and enjoying snacks as they watched the summer movie Blue Crush late Aug. 26.

A group of approximately 35 students and faculty gathered at this college-funded 'Dive-In' event organized by the Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation department and the Division of Student Life to encourage use of the aquatic center, provide campus entertainment and splash into the new school year.

From their various seats atop flotation devices in the pool, surrounded by bubbles in the hot tub and out on the deck of the pool, those in attendance viewed the movie via projection on a large portable screen set up near the entryway. Though no eating was allowed in the pool, an assortment of refreshments, including cookies, pastries and drinks were served.

An important aspect of on-campus entertainment is that it strives to please a diverse group with a broad collection of tastes. Evan Morris, a graduate student of electronic music, said he "didn't want to attend the event," as the movie being shown was unappealing; however, he "may have considered going were the selection more along the lines of Jaws."

Though the selected movie may not have led many people to attend the event or maybe even discouraged some from going, those that were in attendance, for the most part, had a great time. "I didn't spend too much time focusing on the movie," said Liz Hoover, a junior watching the movie. "Most of the time I was talking to friends or sampling the tasty food," she said.

Head Swim Coach Neil Virtue, who contributed greatly in organizing the event, said "the Dive-In was very unique and it was designed to bring people together in an amazing atmosphere."

"I'm not against doing it again," said Virtue when asked if more Dive-Ins are planned. In order to plan another Dive-In, Virtue said that he would have to check with the APER department. With winter approaching, weather is a factor to consider in planning future Dive-Ins, "as it gets cold and uncomfortable," said Virtue.

"Mills should have more events like this on campus. I thoroughly enjoyed the night sky, the temperature, food and inner tubes," said Hoover.

The issue of campus entertainment surfaces often in student-news and other open forums, causing students and faculty to band together in hopes of effecting change.