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Dennis Bernardo Fills In

Mills College Weekly

Dennis Bernardo, previously the Public Safety supervisor, will
be temporarily filling the position of director of Public Safety
previously held by Steven King.

According to Vice President Elizabeth Burwell, there will be a
committee of faculty, staff and students organized to choose the
new director of Public Safety.

“Dennis is doing a fine job but nonetheless we still need to do
a search,” said Burwell. She hopes to have the position filled
permanently by Aug. 1.

In the meantime, Bernardo said, “I am not going to change
anything or make everything hard nose. I hope I can continue to
keep students happy with the service and everyone should know that
if they need anything, we are still here to help.”

“This is exciting because I get to do something different. Now I
get to deal with the whole department. It’s a challenge, but it’s
exciting to me,” said Bernardo.