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Cyclones lose to Santa Cruz

Mills Cyclones lost in a 3-1 game against University of California, Santa Cruz, but not without giving the opposing team a run for their money.

The team started strong, getting several points ahead in the first game. However, UCSC fought back and ended up winning the first two games. The Cyclones played hard, diving, falling into splits and even somersaulting across the Haas Pavilion gym floor in order to get to the ball.

Mills came back to win the third game after a tense play for the last couple of points. Both teams were tied at 27 points each, which quickly became a tie at 28 points and then 29 points. Mills won the last point, giving them a chance to keep the game going.

Fans cheered in the stands, holding up the “Blow ’em away” sign that could be seen at Saturday’s game.

However, the Cyclones couldn’t hold on to their edge and UCSC won the fourth game, 13-30.

“We’re getting better every day,” Daniel Rasay, the coach, said. “We just want to go and play out our hardest every game.” During practices, Rasay has been trying to emphasize not just the physical aspect of the game, but also the mental side.