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Cyclones dig for a cure and swim a mile

Early this October, the Mills College Cyclones will team up to raise breast cancer awareness by hosting the first Dig for the Cure event along with the annual Swim A Mile.

Dig for the Cure will debut on October 3, 2008 in the Mills College gym at 7 p.m. Our lady Cyclones will take on William Jessup University in hopes to “dig” every ball that is thrust at them. In volleyball terms, a dig is an attack ball from the opposing team that’s picked up by an offensive player, resulting in a playable ball. For every dig that the Cyclones acquire, pledge money is donated to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation to support breast cancer research. Loke Davis, a senior on the Mills College volleyball team, said she’s excited to promote breast cancer awareness and “to do it through something I love is even better.”

During the month of September, the volleyball team is requesting the community’s support by signing pledges for this event.

When pledging for Dig for the Cure, a flat base pledge of any dollar amount, or a pledge for each individual dig, will be appreciated. They’ve also requested supporters wear pink to the volleyball game and cheer on the team.

Volleyball coach Daniel Rasay noticed the excitement evolving from this program in other schools and wanted to bring it to our own. According to Rasay, the team is very supportive of their event because “it hits home with a lot of the team members.”

Junior Dora Jimenez, a member of the Mills volleyball team, stresses the importance of this event because her mother and grandmother battled breast cancer. Dora has experienced first hand how breast cancer affects people, their families, and their entire community.

Already on the campus for Dig for the Cure? Well, stay a little longer and take part in the 13th Annual Swim A Mile for Women with Cancer. This event will take place October 4th and 5th, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Mills College swimming pool.

Swim A Mile is an organized event for the community to swim a mile – more or less – for a pledge of money donated to the Women’s Cancer Resource Center to support women living with breast cancer and their families.

Any community member can make a flat pledge or a pledge per length of the pool to help raise money for the resource center.

This will be senior Jenny Safreno’s fourth Swim A Mile event. She’s excited about this event because it gives back to the community. Jenny said, “Different people doing different things makes each year fresh. It’s not just about swimming a mile straight.” Participants in the Swim A Mile don’t have to swim a straight mile, lap by lap. Paddles, kick-boards, and fins are all encouraged for swimmers who want to have some fun while helping out an important cause. Volunteers count swimmer’s laps and keep track of time. The swim team will be doing their part in raising breast cancer awareness on the first day of the event, Saturday, October 4th at 11 a.m.

Neil Virtue, the Mills College swim coach, supports Swim A Mile not only because it is a way to offer an opportunity for community members to meet, but also because it is a way “to do something for a bigger cause and a way to realize what a group of people can do.” Music, food and beverages, and cheering supplies will be offered to any participant of the Swim A Mile event.

Whether you are a breast cancer survivor, or someone who has been affected indirectly by cancer, come to Mills College for the first-ever Dig for the Cure volleyball game and the annual Swim A Mile and do your part in supporting and raising money for breast cancer research and awareness.

For any questions about Dig for a Cure, or for those who want to make a pledge, Daniel Rasay can be contacted by e-mail at or by phone at (510) 430-3283.

For answers to any questions about Swim A Mile, or to make a pledge, Neil Virtue can be contacted by e-mail at