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To the Mills Community,

On Monday March 27, our first day back from Spring Break, my car was keyed while parked in the Warren Olney parking lot. This act of vandalism occurred during my eleven o'clock class, not exactly a common time for crime. I was appalled to return to my car and see a scratch running all the way down the driver's side. This sort of thing has never happened to me before and I immediately felt violated and hurt that such a thing could happen in a community like ours.

After my initial hurt and shock, I became angry. Why would someone do that to my car? My friends asked me if I had any "enemies" on campus. I have been at Mills for three years and have never had a dispute that would lead to acts of vandalism, especially vandalism like keying my car. In high school, some of my friend's cars were keyed, usually around the time they started going out with another girl's ex-boyfriend. Even then, the scratches would never cover the length of the car.

I never would have expected to have my car keyed in COLLEGE though, seriously people are almost all of us are over the age of 18, why do we have to resort to such immature vandalism? Scratching someone's paint is not particularly heartbreaking, like smashing a windshield would be, but it's downright annoying. It is a mosquito buzzing around my ear every time I walk up to my car. The only explanation I can come up with is a case of mistaken identity because no Mills woman I know would commit such a lame crime.

Regardless of whether it was meant for me or some other Volkswagen driver, this is something that should never happen in our community. At Mills we are taught to stand up for ourselves and talk out our problems, so please if you take issue with me or any of your fellow students, don't punish our cars, come scratch us with your keys instead.