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Change in lingo will encourage civilians for war

Luckily, the Mills campus is located in the Bay Area where liberalism reigns. On our campus, we actively participate in the progression of social values and humanitarianism efforts. In the midst of the looming war with Iraq, we are surrounded by thousands of people who agree with our anti-war stance. But we must not lose sight of the fact that across America Bush does have a substantial amount of supporters.

For example in a recent report on the CNN website, Bush supporters in Northern Carolina are responding to France’s opposition to war with Iraq by renaming one of America’s most popular food item, from ‘French fries’ to ‘Freedom fries’.

While anti-war activists are planning demonstrations, North Caroliners are changing the meaning of a favorite American side dish.

This may sound minimal and ridiculous, but it may actually be more effective than realized. The connotation that ‘French’ is bad and ‘Freedom’ means good will reach so many Americans.

To simply change the name demonstrates how everyday commodities have been strategically turned into patriotic symbols to promote war efforts.

Cubbies, the restaurant which embarked on this venture, hopes to demonstrate patriotic pride by the choices it offers its mainly military personnel customers.

Apparently, the idea to rename French fries stemmed from WWI when anti German sentiments caused Americans to rename foods like sauerkraut and frankfurter to liberty cabbage and hotdog. Changing the name of everyday words is one example of how patriotism is encouraged on a small scale. This works to unite people in a common cause.

As a liberal campus in the bay area it may seem appropriate to believe that everyone is marching and involved in the peace movement. But obviously we cannot assume that all of America is behind us in supporting the anti-war movement.