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Cash for the cure

Cook for the Cure, Crunch for the Cure, even send Cards that Count. This month, your chance of contributing to a cancer charity is as easy as consuming chocolate candies. Below are some purchases to consider.

Many companies, like Yoplait, require an extra step beyond the checkout line. Infamous for their nine-year-old “Save Lids to Save Lives” campaign, the company donates ten cents for every pink lid mailed back to the company, for up to $1.5 million (meaning, once it reaches that dollar amount, your postage stamps will go to waste).

Similarly, Sun Chips’ Crunch for the Cure will donate your money to the Susan G. Komen Foundation after you go online and enter a code.

Some companies or product packaging won’t tell you how much of your money goes to charity, or even where your money goes. 7-11 sells a lovely little tin of “Awareness Mints,” complete with the pink ribbon, and only tells consumers that “a portion of the proceeds goes to breast cancer awareness.”

KitchenAid donates anywhere from two to fifty dollars for each sale of a Cook for the Cure pink kitchen tool or appliance to Komen. With any purchase, consumers also get a free “Pink Plaid” limited edition Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook. Their Web site provides resources on throwing dinner parties to raise even more money for the cause.

To celebrate its 40th birthday, Bounty, the self-proclaimed “quicker picker-upper,” will divide $500,000 between three organizations when Bounty Web site visitors send a free e-card to that special someone and choose which one of the three that the company will proportionally give to.

Although Playtex’s “Passion for Living” pink dishwashing gloves are only meant to raise awareness and spread the word on having beautiful hands, the company plans to donate an undisclosed amount of cash to the National Breast Cancer Foundation along with the proceeds from an online auction this month.

Cartier, Coach and Carolee Jewelers all offer ways to charitably accessorize in pink.

M&Ms will be available in pinks this month, complete with the little green lady M&M on special pink packaging. Their Web site lists recipes for things like Pink Ribbon Cupcakes. The company will donate at least $250,000 to Komen.

BMW will donate one dollar to Komen for every test-driven mile.

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