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Break-in and Major Theft at Ethel Moore

Mills College Weekly

A room in Ethel Moore was broken into and roughly $1,000 worth of belongings were stolen on Thursday, March 24, 2005.

Junior Lizzy Schwartz was eating dinner at Founders when the theft took place. She returned to find her window screen pried open and her new iPod MP3 player and over 30 DVDs stolen from her desk, which sat directly underneath her window.

When she noticed the theft, Schwartz immediately contacted the Public Safety officer on duty, whom she said appeared on the scene, took a few notes and documented the incident as a “possible theft.”

“Public Safety was not as helpful or professional as they should have been and they didn’t make me feel like they actually cared about my safety,” Schwartz said.

Schwartz’s room was located on the first floor facing the courtyard, and the incident made her feel unsafe enough to move to a room on the second floor.

The officer on duty at press time declined to comment on the circumstances of the theft.

Ethel Moore resident assistants Sara Howard and Chris Adams called an emergency first floor meeting on Tuesday, March 29, to discuss the theft. During the meeting Schwarz described the incident and Howard and Adams went over basic safety precautions, such as escorting all guests, reporting any unescorted persons, and traveling in groups both on and off-campus after dark. They also suggested that first floor residents keep their windows locked and blinds drawn when not in their rooms.