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Beulah gate a disgrace to Mills alumna

Helena Guan

As a very concerned alumna from the Class of 1971, I call upon Mills College to remember who you are and what you represent.

Waiting for the NL to S.F. after enjoying most vividly and emotionally my memories of those tender, loving years at Mills which gave to me such positive feelings about myself, I felt most ashamed looking at Mills College’s Beulah Gate.

The wooden columns are deteriorating. Graffiti covers the front of the gate. Trash covers the inside of it as it covers the grass surrounding the gate.

As buildings continue to fill open spaces in order that Mills women can play prominent roles in today’s world, let us always cherish our beginnings.

Please respond to my fervent plea, allowing all of us to view Mills College Beulah Gate with great pride and dignity.

– Stephanie Lincoln, Class of 1971