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A return of spam

Spam: It’s either mixed animal products or the scourge of your inbox, and anyway you shake it, it’s bad news. So why, Mills students, did some of us come back from a nice long break to click open our Mills accounts and be absolutely flooded with the stuff?

While my computer wasn’t oozing with the 51st state’s preferred meat, I was happy to find it was chock full of erroneous e-mail goodness.

Unlike my more lightweight Yahoo! and Gmail accounts, which hold my Sephora advertisements and dinner plan e-mails with friends, my Mills e-mail address is the workhorse of my internet arsenal: I use it for internship applications, job queries, discussions with professors and classmates, and of course, to get in on the ground floor of the ever present, sometimes helpful Student News post.

Yet unlike my Yahoo! and Gmail accounts, an alarmingly high amount of spam comes through the filters of my Mills account. So while my Sephora ads come through uninterrupted, my Mills account overfloweth.

Over winter break I had to carefully siphon through oodles of offers for my own kingdom, Viagra, and online degrees to get to my very important messages. When I e-mailed Tony Hale, our resident director of Systems and Banner Services guru, he patiently answered my tech query. Seems that when Mills intermittently updates its spamware, it has to let all messages through, not just internship applications and professorial conversations.

So no one is really to blame, Mills, but we do have a direction to work towards: a Spam-free universe! So if you’re getting bombarded with offers to do unmentionable things to questionable recipients, give Tony Hale and our Tech team a holler. They’ll try to help you out of your Spam dilemma, and at least you won’t be suffering in silence.

If any of you have had a frustrating spam experience, let’s talk. My Mills e-mail address is, well, pretty reliable.