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Alumnae return to Haas Pavillion for club hoops game

Mills College Weekly

After a shaky and low-scoring start, the Mills undergrads fought
the good fight in the second half of the Alumnae-Undergraduate
basketball game Friday night, but still wound up losing to the
older team 42-58.

Leading scorers for the alumnae were Kara McCafferty (12 pts.)
and Mills volleyball coach Marla Mundis (8 pts.). Mundis did double
duty in the game by both playing for the alumnae side and coaching
the undergrad club team, for which she serves as an advisor.

During the first half, the undergrads were able to shoot
anywhere but into the bottom of the basket. They played well, but
were out-rebounded by the alums, which resulted in a very lopsided
scoreboard. Jenn Leier managed to draw several fouls, but could
only convert two of her six trips to the free-throw line into
points for the club team.

Shelley Falkenberg and Megan Miller contributed with strong
offensive play, moving the ball around during the undergrads’
possessions and setting up plays for their team. But as a result of
poor rebounding during the first half, the undergrads often left
their end of the court without scoring. At the halftime buzzer, the
score was 9-32 in favor of the alumnae.

The undergrads made a comeback during the second half of the
game and were noticeably different. They played a very cohesive
offense, a strong defense comprised mainly of full-court presses
and, most importantly, they were able to capitalize on alumnae

During halftime, a few more undergrad club members showed up to
lend a hand to the scoring process. The leading scorers for the
team were Angela Lunardi (10 pts.) and Lauren Brown (8 pts.).
Brown’s strong play sent a lot of alumnae to the free-throw line,
though several undergrads questioned the validity of some calls.
While Brown agreed that loaning her glasses to the officials might
have resulted in fewer calls against her, the recreational feel of
the game was maintained.

The annual event began as a way to promote camaraderie among
former and current students, according to Mundis. Current Mills
students who are interested in joining the basketball club should
contact Marla Mundis at (510) 430-3283 or via e-mail at