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ASMC Holds a Town Hall Meeting

Many students aren’t aware of what the Associated Students of
Mills College are, or what purpose they serve, especially those who
are new on campus. In an effort to make clear who they are and the
function they serve, the ASMC held a Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday
Sept. 28.

“We’re the student government and we’re here to help you get
things done,” said Kasey P. Lindsey, the ASMC publicity chair. “If
you’re having issues with Mills, if you’re sitting around
complaining, that’s fine, but if you really want to change
something, let us know. We’re here to help you.”

The ASMC was established to serve as a link between the student
body and the administration at Mills.

According to their constitution, ASMC’s goal is “to make and
enforce regulations that will ensure honesty and integrity in all
examinations and course work.” Outside of academics, ASMC supports
and helps organize extracurricular activities at Mills. When a
matter doesn’t involve ASMC, the members are able to make
recommendations to the administration.

According to Erika Rickard, ASMC co-president, the
organization’s main goals this year are to increase communication
between students, ASMC and the administration, and to increase
co-sponsorship with clubs on campus.

Students who attended the meeting brought up concerns about the
Mills van, diversity issues at Mills, the need for an ATM on campus
and questions about how ASMC was dealing with Assistant Dean of
Students Lisa McRipley’s departure

“We’re a body of government available to and inclusive of all
[Mills] students,” said Annie Flores, ASMC Vice-President.

ASMC is planning to hold Town Hall Meetings, open to all
students, at least every other month. The meetings will focus on
topics that are important to Mills students, from gender issues on
campus to concerns about Public Safety.

At the meeting, ASMC members encouraged student feedback and, in
an effort to find out what concerns students have, ASMC will be
taking surveys that will be available online through student-news
and in the library.